• How many questions come in each pack?

Both our screen pack and print pack come with 8 rounds, consisting of 10 questions each.


  • When do I receive the pack?

If you purchase a pre-made pack via our website you will receive an email with download links to the files immediately.
If you would like a custom pack, we will email the download links within 10 business days of the purchase.


  • I’d like a custom pack, can you make one for me?

Absolutely! Contact us with your requirements and we can provide a quote within 1 business day. Please include how many rounds you would like, how many questions you would like in each round, if you have any category requests (eg Television, Swimming, Harry Potter, Celebrities, Art, Geography etc – you can even exclude categories if you wish) and anything else you would like catered to.



  • Do I need to own PowerPoint?

If you are purchasing the Screen Pack, then yes, Microsoft PowerPoint is required. If you are using Keynote on a Mac, contact us and we can convert it to a keynote file for an extra fee.
If you don’t have PowerPoint, our Print Packs are available and do not require PowerPoint.


  • I’m not from Australia, can I buy your packs anyway?

As we are based in Australia, our packs contain multiple Australia specific questions. We are working on international packs which will be available soon!


  • What if a trivia pack has already been used in my area, will people already know the answers?

When you purchase the pack you will be asked where your trivia night will be located. This is how we ensure that you will get a unique questions to your area.